Your data on the Internet might not be safe yet

Your data on the Internet might not be safe yet

Mark Zuckerberg knows more about you than anyone in this world (more than your boyfriend or girlfriend). Since the last 5–8 years, companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc has all the data about us.

They know what’s your favorite color, where you roam around, they even know about your colleagues and relatives. The worst part?

Whatsapp can find out whether you’re cheating your partner.

but, don’t worry. Your partner may not be that smart.

Data Protection

Your data on the Internet might not be safe yet

Let’s understand the point clearly that your data is just another piece of code within a database. A database acts as a book which keeps all the data you’re pouring into your favorite websites (including facebook and other apps).

Trust is the key.

We trust these companies and we make a guess that they won’t rob us anytime soon. But we also know that there is a possibility for that to happen because they even know your credit card number.

So, let’s leave the companies part here (we trust them anyway), but there are hackers and phi-sing experts who could eat your data.

We cannot trust them for sure, but we can stay away from them (not completely, but kind of).


Your data on the Internet might not be safe yet

Hackers stole $172 billion in 2017 alone.

Staying away from hackers is not a possible thing, no matter what you do. Also, it’s not your responsibility to stay away from hackers, it’s the companies responsibility to have the best in class infrastructure to protect users data.

Companies like Google, Facebook etc runs hackathon events to find out security loopholes within their system and they pay fat cheques to the ones who could break the security.

Which means that even the tech giants are still not 100% safe.

But, you can do your part.

Your data on the Internet might not be safe yet


This article is not about changing your password or learning to be a programmer and keep your data safe (that isn’t practical),

You can,

Keep a strong password → You can surely have a strong password rather than going for a weak one (that’s something you can do). Having a strong password surely helps when a security breach happens. Accounts with weak passwords are hacked down faster.

2 Factor Authentication → If your favorite website is providing 2FA to protect your data (it could be optional) go for it. 2FA is one of the most secured system to protect your valuable data. It’s nothing but a random code (with an expiry) shown on your mobile to login and to keep your data safe.

Keep great security answers → You might have seen some websites asking you to create some security questions and answers. Choose the right question, make the answer very difficult to guess (you should be able to guess it).

Don’t go public → Privacy is one of the most important thing to be taken care while you’re on internet. Thankfully a bunch of regulations are coming to protect people’s privacy, but still do not share any personal activities in public.

Bottom line

These steps are something that everybody could do. Doing it will surely add a layer of security on top of your data, so that you don’t have to panic when a breach comes in.

Let it be your email, credit card details or even a photo, being secured is not gonna hurt you anyway. Stay safe because it’s your fundamental right.