Your dream home setup is no more a fantasy.

Your dream home setup is no more a fantasy

Approximately 10 years back, automated house setup was a fantasy, to be precise it was a sci-fi for me. But it’s not anymore and if you’re not aware of it, this is your time to understand it.


The birth of IOT (Internet of things) changed the way of automation completely. You can now have access to millions of home automation products to strike off the fantasy mentality which was born years ago.

Yes, I’m talking about lights getting turned ON automatically when you enter the room, I’m talking about personal assistants within your home to help you live in a fantasy world.

Let’s understand this.

Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Philips, Samsung etc has come up with innovative products to help you automate your home within minutes. It’s not that expensive, but it’s totally worth the money.

I’ll take you through 5 products which will make your home smart.


1. Personal Assistant

personal assitant


A smart home without a personal assistant is a no no for sure. Assistant products like Google Home, Apple Homepod (yet to be released), Amazon alexa helps you control your house easily.

It’s as easy as asking alexa to “Alexa, dim the living room lights”.

I mean yes, you can even dim the lights with,


2. Smart Lights

smart light


Light bulbs that can change colors and even turn off automatically when you leave the room. Isn’t it amazing? I mean, that’s fantasy.

Philips Hue has a wide variety of lighting products.They have light bulbs, light strips, lamps, motion sensors, dim control switches etc to manage your home light setup completely.

The products are seriously recommended because they support most of the personal assistants and has a wonderful app to change the colors, dim the light and even to dance the light according to the music (I mean it).

You should surely check out Philips hue lighting and they’re not very expensive for sure.


3. Outdoor Cameras


Well, security is at most priority and samsung has a solution. Nest is a company acquired by samsung and they make the best in class outdoor cameras with intelligent technologies.

Their competitors like Arlo Q Plus and even the upcoming polaroid hoop seems to be a perfect. These cameras work 24×7 monitoring your home and let you know if someone unfamiliar creeps in.

I mean, what else you need?


4. Thermostats



Nest also has a thermostat which is one of the most sold products from Nest so far. It automatically controls the temperature within your room and you can control this thermostat with your mobile phone (or manually as you wish).

It’s stuffed with machine learning to understand your preferences and to work accordingly. Most of the home automation products these days are really smart that they could even learn user behaviours and work efficiently.


5. Smart TV

smart TV


This has nothing to do with IOT, but a complete smart home without a smart TV might be a bad choice. I’d seriously recommend Apple TV in this case, because you can have access to wide range of programs, and more with Apple TV.

Even you connect the TV with your Apple devices and make things happen as easy as a walk in the park. After all Netflix is something that you cannot break up with.


You’re done!

Now you’ve a smart tv, your room temperature is perfect, your house is being monitored and secured, your lights are turning off and on automatically saving energy, your thermostat is saving you money and finally,

Alexa is asking whether to play your favorite playlist or not!

“ Hey, Alexa I’d love to order some food instead! “

Alexa : I know you prefer chinese!