Garage get

Add a smart voice support to your garage door in 5 minutes

Garage door is always a confusion, sometimes we forget to close it, or the shutters are just half way. All kinds of confusions happens even if we have an automatic door which could be closed with a single press of a button.

It’s not a hustle anymore, because every years new start-ups are coming up with great products to deliver amazing solutions at an affordable pricing.

Garadget is one!


Garadget is a remote control to your garage door with some brilliant accessibility. The device is smart enough to understand whether the garage door is open, closed or partially closed.


The installation procedure of this device is buttery smooth, you just gotta stick it under the garage door system and connect it with your modem which takes barely 5 minutes.

After when you’re done, you can install the mobile application provided by Garadget and start controlling your garage door right from your mobile phone. If you’re in office, you can check the status of the garage door and ask the app to close it or open it.

The product works smoothly with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which helps you control your garage door with a voice (not a button). It’s as simple as that.

Bottom line

The product falls under the $100 or less category and it’s a highly recommended one. It helps you control the garage door without even going into the garage or pressing a button.

It even enables you to control it from anywhere if you’re connected with the Internet. It’s smooth and efficient, give it a go!