TP link smart plug

TP Link Smart Plug is a smart home problem solver

Internet of things and the concept of smart home is fascinating and convincing enough to make you purchase your favorite smart home gadgets. Also, we should accept the fact that a big majority of the smart home devices are a bit pricey in nature (even though they are efficient and smart).

The most beautiful part of the industry is that a lot of startups are coming up with better, reliable and affordable smart home options into reality so that each and everyone of us could be able to convert our home into smart.

Hub Issue

TP link smart plug


Everyone is happy to invest money in buying smart home light bulbs and other accessories, but investing money in buying hubs? that’s pretty irritating.

Google home and products like Amazon Alexa etc are not hubs, they are voice assistants to help you control your smart home with a voice command. They are totally worth the money you pay and what you get in return is something beautiful for that price.

Hubs are required to make the bulbs work (not every bulb though). Especially in the case of Philips Hue, they only work if they are connected to a Philips hue hub.

There are alternatives like LIFX smart bulbs which works without the requirement of a hub. Philips hue bulbs also work with a dimmer switch from Philips and it doesn’t require a hub, but you cannot control Philips hue bulb through your smartphone or voice commands if the hub is not present.

Hubs are necessary to connect all these bulbs together and to trigger an action perfectly without delaying the process. Buying a hub doesn’t matter a lot, but it could have been much better without a hub (that’s the truth).

TP Link Plug

TP link smart plug

TP Link Smart Plug is an interesting product from a startup to help you make your dream home setup into a reality (a bit bulky though).

The working of this device is pretty simple. This smart plug can be connected to a wifi connection and could be controlled by your smartphone even remotely. The device is not very smart and intelligent in nature, but it’s smart enough to turn ON/OFF by a voice command or a trigger from the KASA app.

Setup is process is as simple as plugging the TP Link Smart Plug into a plug point and connecting it to a wifi connection with the help of KASA mobile application powered by TP Link.

You can pair the smart plug with Google home and Amazon Alexa to control the action with a voice command. With TP Link Smart Plug, you can plug in a light bulb, your smart phone charger or whatever you could just plug it in.

Ask Google to turn off TP Link plug and it will do the same. It doesn’t require a hub, nor it requires any other connectivity. All it requires is a wifi connection to trigger an action, and most importantly it should be plugged in.