Being in quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be lazy

Self-quarantine days have started and the impact is already huge. The infamous coronavirus has put most of the countries into a lockdown situation where people are in quarantine in their own houses in order to stop the spreading of the virus.

Well, it seems to slowly come down thanks to lockdown, but laziness is through the roof.


  1. the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness.

The fact that a big majority of the public is staying home without much productivity is acceptable. But it’s making way for something even worse. Getting back to the office after 21 or even 30 days of home quarantine isn’t going to be a good experience.

Most importantly, the economical picture of the countries around the globe doesn’t look promising, there is a risk of layoff as well. The objective is to make sure you’re not the one who’s being thrown out by your company.


Quarantine is important, especially when the situation is going bad around the world. Bill Gates once said that the world is not ready for a pandemic and he was so right. But, misusing the pandemic isn’t a good idea as well.

They said, stay home and save the world. Sounds easy enough, but they never told us to stay home and chill with Netflix and they didn’t mean to become a couch potato as well. We have to work very hard to save our own country in the coming days of quarantine as well as when we get back to work.

The people and companies together contribute to the GDP, and it’s the responsibility of each of us to work hard and contribute. Yes, there is a loss, there are debts and there will be bad times ahead, but stopping work doesn’t help as well, in fact, it will worsen the situation even more.


The good thing is that we have the technology. Imagine if the pandemic happened even before the arrival of such technologies we enjoy in our times, the world would have stopped working. Nowadays, work from home culture is making companies carry on their day to day operations.

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Food delivery, technological advancements in health care and even your cellphone are helping us get better together. The interesting fact is that the programmer can still program from home, the designer can still design from home and even if your job doesn’t support a work from home culture, you have the option to upgrade your skills online.

Buy and follow online courses, use open-source resources and learn. Sharpening your skills is one of the best things to do while you’re in a quarantine period. There are numerous solutions available online, and you gotta make sure you’re not the same employee when you return to your company, you have to push yourself and show your ability to surpass expectations.

Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and more, yes! we can use them anytime, but being in quarantine is not an excuse to use such entertainment. You should also understand the fact that when everything was normal, you had enough Facebook time and Netflix time, now it’s just a bit more which is making you lazy.

The world cannot afford any more laziness, let’s work together and make it work!