Video call solutions are gaining momentum for longterm

Video call solutions are mostly run by tech giants around the world. Famous names like Skype, Zoom, etc are experiencing consistent growth since the technological adaptations made by small and medium businesses. How easy is it to meet and interact with people who are thousands of kilometers away.

Indeed, video calling platforms are solving great problems.


It doesn’t matter whether your kids are going to do the homework with their friends on a video call or whether you do your work from home handling several meeting by meeting, video call solutions are always being used. Parents are much more comfortable seeing their kids who are in faraway countries for education.

The bosses can keep track of their employees and most obviously the scolding really works here. But the real game changer happens when pandemic like the COVID-19 comes into reality.


In March, video calling solutions received over 62M downloads in just one week  because of the pandemic. The companies providing video calling solutions could not have imagined such a growth.

Well, it’s pretty clear that their solution is solving a lot of problems worldwide: worldwide leadership meetings, doctors meetings and a bulk load of client and team meetings.

Well, the use of these services is predicted to turn into a habit. In the current scenario of a pandemic, over 3 Billion people are sitting in their homes due to lockdowns, hence they are getting used to the current products and solutions used to interact with their team and work.

The habit is slowly building up and it might get a bit harder for the employees to get back to the office and start working again, even if that works well, the intention to work from home rises because of a past comfortable experience. Well, it doesn’t affect you if you’re dealing with works that need you to roam around or consistently keep an eye on your people, but that’s not the case of every one.

Productivity is rising, working from home is working and tech solutions are generating unbelievable amounts of revenue by providing value. This sounds like a good eco-system, and it’s hopefully going to grow exponentially. Let’s wait and see!