IOT will change the way you see your house

IOT will change the way you see your house

“Hey Siri, ask Google assistant to turn on Alexa!”

Internet of things (IOT) is nothing but internet within things. Whether it be a light bulb, motion sensors, smart sprinklers, thermostats and a bunch of other things within your house.

Your house may not be smart yet, but you’re gonna see a lot of great houses built with smart things (powered by IOT).

It’s not really a fancy story, it’s an efficient reality.

Efficient Home


IOT will change the way you see your house


Maybe you think that making your home smart is an expensive idea (I agree with you), it’s definitely an expensive idea as because a smart bulb comes with a price tag which is approximately 5 times higher than a normal bulb.

Everything related to IOT and smart home is a bit expensive these days.

But let me also tell you the fact that it’s getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. Every year new companies are coming up with affordable smart home accessories to save your pocket.

The most interesting part of this game is efficiency. Do you know the fact that Nest Thermostat saved more than 10 billion kWh power since the last 7 years time. That’s huge, and you could be a part!


IOT will change the way you see your house


The technology behind Internet of things is brilliant. Every smart home product needs to be connected on to the internet to make it really smart enough and efficient.

So when they are connected to the internet, they collect the data and processes into information to let the user know about the power it saved, time it saved etc.

But it also sends the data to the company so that the company can learn these bulk amount of data and come up with something very efficient in the next update. Some smart products gets software updates so that you can make sure that your one time investment is getting better day by day.

Tech giants like Google, Apple etc are backing up these projects with their smart home management apps, developer consoles, home assistants etc. They are really excited about the future, because they know it’s the future.


IOT will change the way you see your house


Future is definitely going to be smart, because the reports about the growth of Internet of things industry is very much promising.

It’s practically necessary because the technology is great (crowdsourcing data and coming up efficiency is beautiful), there are enough products right now to help you make your home smart.

More and more companies are getting birth every year with brilliant ideas and they aim to come up with something really affordable for everyone.

The flow of the industry is definitely defining the future of smart homes, probably within 10 years time, we will see a smart bulb or a voice assistant in every single house.

So may it’s time for you to start thinking about buying your first smart home product. Let it be a starter kit from Philips hue, or may be a voice assistant from Amazon to help you do better.